Peer-Reviewed Publications

(2015) Journal of Economic Studies, 42(4) pp. 622 - 640. 

Working Papers

“Entry Threats From Municipal Broadband Internet and Impacts on Private Provider Quality” (Revisions submitted - Information Economics and Policy

"Two, Three, or Four Providers? Converging to Competition in Broadband Internet"

"Rockets and Feathers in Electricity Generated by Natural Gas? Implications for Market Power"

Works in Progress

"Measuring Incumbent Response to Municipal Broadband Opt-out Referenda in Colorado"

"Discounting Inconsistency and Mental Health'' (with David Wishart, Gabriel Courey, and Igor Elman)

“Spatial Effects of the Clark County OH Land Bank Vacant Housing Demolition Program” (with Edward Hasecke and Victor Verdier (student))

"Agglomeration, Growth, and Survival in Craft Brewing" (with Kevin Chiu and Levon Mikaelian)"

Undergraduate Senior Honors Thesis Involvement 

Spring 2020

Analysis of Ohio Municipal Income Tax Rates and Tax Revenues (lead advisor)

Christian Distributism and Economic History (reader)